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Central City

The Future of Sport is Deathmatch

Teams of players roam virtual landscapes fragging each other endlessly in front of thousands of fans, millions if you count the Tri-V broadcast. It was only referred to as the Tournament. The premier event was Team Deathmatch, where teams of ten players competed to frag the opponent the most. There was also Assault where teams took turns completing a series of tasks while fragging each other.

From the age of 6, Raven has wanted to be part of her favorite team Iskandar. They were champions in the old mold, grinding out championships in most years.

Soria was the captain, the only dark elf in the Tournament. The premier player was Grabby, the leading scorer in the Tournament for as long as anyone could remember. Lara Croft, named after the famous legend, completed the front line. The mid-fielders were Calamity Angel, a Pertescian, a winged humaniform, Chaoschick, perennial bad girl, and Dahija. The back-fielders were Skylla, a supermodel with tentacles, the tattooed Gothgirl and tiny Zinaida.

There was one position open. Could Raven fit the vacancy?

Raven was a Necris, a humaniform of bone-white skin and white-in-black eyes. At age 24, after training 18 years to achieve her dream, she takes the week-long trip to the planet Central, home of the Tournament.

Here the saga of Raven begins.

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