All-Star Update & “How Long Are We…”

Book 6 of the Raven of Iskandar series, “All-Star” is now over 50,000 words. I’d say, from where the story is going, that I’m still short of halfway.

As mentioned in book 5, the team is now experiencing the new match type called ‘Onslaught’. And the team is not happy. The third and final sub for Iskandar Prime is revealed and it’s a marginal surprise. The Iskandar Secundus team gets reformed and then reformed again with a surprise captain.

Raven’s Raiders is expanding at a fast rate and gains new employees. The Tournament Committee releases the format for the All-Star Matches and voting begins.

The Tournament Committee finally decides to do something about the irregularities in Iskandar matches and the conspiracy gets a ‘bloody nose’.

Finally, back when I was a kid, we drove everywhere for vacation and I always heard my father say the statement below, but the cartoon puts a great twist on it.


The tapir is a large, herbivorous mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile nose trunk. Tapirs inhabit jungle and forest regions of South and Central America, with one species inhabiting Southeast Asia.

And they have very specific musical tastes.

The cartoon is from Wulfmorgenthaler, which, for a particular reason you can readily guess, changed their name to Wumo.

Raven of Iskandar Book 6 Update 6/28/2021

This week has been productive on Book 6 (‘All-star’). The book now is up to 33,292 words. However, I’m not even halfway yet. Right now I’m deep into Vysse’s first match with Prime.

The writing is a bit on the raw side right now, but I will posting excepts as the usual jokes and pranks are happening and, on the darker side, the conspiracy is still working.

In the meantime, I’ve discovered a new sport to watch!

Bear-back riding!

Go ahead, say it….you can bearly keep from laughing….

Raven of Iskandar Update

Things have moved a lot slower than I would have wanted them to, however, there is progress on all fronts! (and backs too).

Book 6 Update

Raven of Iskandar Book 6 will be titled ‘All-Star’. There will be quite a few characters returning from earlier books. The conspiracy against Iskandar is still alive and scheming. Originally, I thought that I knew who the ‘older man’ running the conspiracy was. Now I don’t anymore. Characters are sometimes like herding cats.

Right now Book 6 is up to 22,000 words with probably another 10,000 in chapters needing to be added. Generally I write scenes as the inspiration happens. Then I end up with a collection of chapters that have to be added in the right order and, many times, ‘glue’ chapters need to be written.

Some teasers: The Tournament Committee has decided to have an All-Star game at mid season. Juliet and Vysse experience their first matches as part of Prime. There is trouble in Iskandar Secundus but that’s about to change. The older man of the conspiracy gets a shipment he never expected to receive. There are also some clues as to the origin of the conspiracy as several of the team find out where Rushanak’s is.

Some notable quotes from Book 6:

“Oh, such protection. You’re going to put me in a position to be arrested and interrogated.  Piss-poor protection.”

“I’ll have to get used to everybody knowing what they are doing.”

“Well I’ll tell you a secret. I fell over quite a few times when I was learning that.”

“One’s a guy, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“This isn’t what it seems…it’s normal.”

“Oh, God! I hope she doesn’t bring one home!”

“Stop jumping around and we’ll help you.”

If you’ve read through all those quotes, you’re probably mystified as to what is happening. Well, you’ll find out later this year as I’m aiming for a release in the fall.

Book 1 Re-Edit

The Book 1 re-edit is coming along also. It has gone through one round of editing, having gone to England and back once. I’ve patched up the inconsistencies and added a bit more explanation about what’s going on (what do you expect from an engineer?).

The bonus added to the re-edit will be a short story on how Gothgirl was hired by Iskandar.

Here’s the new cover art again, just for fun:

Although I don’t like to spam people, expect weekly updates/posts as I’m going to try and be a decent blogger. LOL