Raven: The Call from Central (2nd Edition) available now on Kindle

Finally, the 2nd Edition of Raven: The Call from Central is available on Amazon.

This edition has numerous corrections and enhanced descriptions to align with the later books in the series and make the scenes easier to understand. Also included is the short story ‘All it Takes is Meeting the Right Team’, which is the story of how Gothgirl joined Iskandar. This story has not been published elsewhere.

As the series grew in numbers of books, I began to see holes in the way the Tournament was conducted and how the characters related to it. Being an engineer, I’m always into the details, so something had to be done (LOL). Also, I beefed up the descriptions of the scenes so that you could be a better feel of what was happening.

Raven: The Call from Central is live on Amazon here:


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