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Raven: The Call from Central (Book 1)

Deathmatch is the sport of the future.  In simulation, two teams battle each other enduring multiple deaths to achieve the coveted Tournament Championship.  Raven has trained for the Tournament for most of her life and now is the time to discover where she stands.  Traveling to the planet only know as Central, the heart and home of the Tournament, she stakes everything on a single tryout at the double-A minor league club at Bestmartin.  Her dream is to join her favorite team, Iskandar.  “Let me stay here,” she wishes.  Will her wishes and dreams come true?  Iskandar Prime is searching for the 10th and final member, the ‘key to the Iskandar puzzle’.  Is it Raven?

Follow Raven in her trials and follow team Iskandar Prime as they battle enemies on and off the field, forging toward the Tournament Championship.  Meet Grabby, the elder and the holder of virtually every Tournament record; Soria, team captain and the only elf in the Tournament; Chaoschick, wise-cracking mid-fielder and perennial bad girl; Gothgirl, the heavy-lifter and backfielder, Skylla, half-supermodel, half squid and the rest of the Iskandar Prime team and also the staff that keeps them fighting on the field.

  • ISBN-10: 1973242427
  • ISBN-13: 978-1973242420

Raven: Mirabelle (Book 2)

Raven: Mirabelle takes up where the first book, Raven: The Call from Central, ends. Iskandar Prime has won the Tournament Championship by sweeping through their opponents without one close match. After a week of banquets and celebrations, the team is sent on a goodwill tour by the Tournament Committee. The tour is to encompass the ‘Inner Circle’ of planetary colonies around Earth and is to include Earth itself. The first stop on the tour is the second-oldest colony, Mirabelle which is also the birth planet of Chaoschick and the search for her family intensifies. The team is greeted right at landing by an enthusiastic fan base that includes Raven’s Raiders. The team terrorizes the opposition, the local and regional teams, but also encounters the Royal Family, irate hairdressers, malfunctioning translators, fans chanting about fruit and ocean-going predators. Who is the guy in the red parka? Why are there purple bears all over the island of Elba? Why do all of the statues of Napoleon hold salad bowls? Why is Skylla suddenly talking different? What are the secrets Chaoschick is keeping about her family? Why are the team arming themselves with real machine guns and plasma lances? And why is Raven’s mother all cranked up? The planet of Mirabelle will never be the same as the team brings their own brand of behavior to one of the oldest cultures in the Alliance.

  • ISBN-10: 1980987696
  • ISBN-13: 978-1980987697

Raven: The Triballi Incident (Book 3)

The Tournament is going Alliance wide!  Deathmatch and Assault are the stadium events of the future, in simulation, for every planet of the Alliance.  Now Central, the planet of the Top Tier competition, is expanding the very best to every planet.  All good players head to Central for the money and now the Tournament Committee is sending the 2243 Champions, Iskandar Prime, on a promotional tour of major and minor colony planets even visiting Earth itself!  After adventures including bananas on the royalty-rich planet of Mirabelle described in Raven:  Mirabelle, the Iskandar tour visits AC3, the planet of infinite advertisements and lawyers; Earth, now a sparsely settled planet of museums and nature preserves;  Orestes, Ancient Greece reborn and then Triballi where everything explodes.  The team encounters not just inept local Tournament teams, but thieves, cheats, crime bosses, politicians and mythical elves.  All the while, the team members keep their heads and wits about them even if it means flinging somebody into farm equipment. 

Raven joined Iskandar Prime as a walk-on in Raven:  The Call from Central.  From the moment the Necris walked onto the field, Iskandar Prime turned into a juggernaut, plowing through the competition winning every match for six months, the only team in Tournament history to sweep the playoffs.

Join Iskandar Prime, the most diverse team ever, with Soria, the elf captain, squidiform Skylla, angeliform Calamity Angel, tournament legend Grabby and triple digit scorer, Raven, the Necris, Zinaida, Lara, Gothgirl, Dahija and Chaoschick, as they battle enemies both on the field and off.

  • ISBN-10: 1077389779
  • ISBN-13: 978-1077389779

The Day the Elves Stole My Wife

A collection of off-kilter stories ranging from the mundane to the extraterrestrial.  The range stretched from tears to laughter (with the emphasis on laughter!)  Here you will find out how aliens deal with their spaceships being photographed, what happens when a poltergeist haunts a baseball game and several stories linked to the universe of Raven of Iskandar.  Also are stories about the hero of a post-apocalytic word, a Born-again Christian dealing with an alien race at the end of the known universe and the genesis of a European Football Superstar. Here also established author Yvonne Marrs makes her first forays into the short story form after almost 30 novels.

The stories are (in order):

  • Little Bear Poer and the Can of Coke
  • The Hat Trick
  • The Day the Swine Flew
  • Excerpt from ‘When the Sax Man Plays – Making it’
  • The Day the Elves Stole My Wife
  • Myra
  • Incident at Colmis Statium
  • Aiden – The Beginning (Deleted Scene)
  • The Last Hegemon
  • Myra’s Raiders Become Official
  • A Warehouse Too Far
  • The Wind Wheels of T’Amagon
  • Dayviso
  • Street of Dreams
  • Angel
  • Moving On
  • Foosball
  • Ford is a Better Idea
  • ISBN-10 : 1790307538
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1790307531

Eight year old Denise Angwin, the future Raven of Iskandar is about to enjoy Christmas Eve with the family. Working since the age of seven, her family is finally crawling out of lack and about to celebrate their best Christmas Eve ever. The biggest surprise is to come for Denise as this day will occur the foundation of her development into the Tournament Superstar, Raven.

Raven can handle any opponent in deathmatch but can she handle…vacation?

The Tournament Champions, Iskandar Prime, have returned to their home planet, Central, to the applause of nearly the whole planet.  Everyone wants to congratulate the ‘Heroes of Triballi’.  However, after all the ceremonies are over, it’s time for the break between seasons and the Iskandar Prime building empties out with players and staff scattering to the various planets of the Alliance.  Raven heads home to Necris and while Chaoschick, her mid-fielder and best friend heads off to her new-found family, she invites another team member who will definitely cause gossip. 

They arrive to find Raven’s childhood home morphed into a multi-million-dollar business.  Has everything Raven known as a child been removed in so short a time?  Just as Raven is melding her past and present, her teammate drags her off on a whirlwind tour of Necris with jungle temples, deserts and cetaceans swimming among ice floes.  Then, when a local ‘superstar’ challenges them to Bombing Run, they quickly train a team and devastate the competition.

Then everything changes….the two experience a nearly tragic event whose ramifications extend across the Alliance of Planets and threaten the new season.  But…but…who is behind it?

  • ISBN-13 : 979-8636247401

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