Doctor Who Theme arranged and performed by Syemak

Just about everyone has done an arrangement/performance of the Doctor Who theme. Considering that the parent show has been around since 1963, there’s been plenty of time for the theme to get all sorts of treatment. Here Syemak does their version (of course you know Syemak is me!)

Confexia – Iskandar versus the Devastaors – The Finals

In the novel Raven: Call from Central, Raven’s team, Iskandar is held off by the Devastators at the second armor production facility, in Confexia in the finals, for too long. Grabby gets the tank and is joined by Angel on the minigun and proceeds to drive right through the Devastator’s Defense to eliminate the objective. Raven is quoted as saying that either Grabby is the greatest tank commander in history or he got very lucky.

This video is from Grabby’s viewpoint and was put together by Chaoschick after a lot of trial and error in dissolving down the mulitple feeds of Tri-V to mkv. She did goof up the audio a bit as you will hear crackling on the loud explosions.

The Call from Central by Syemak

The Call From Central by Syemak from the upcoming album of the same name. This song was created long before the book Raven: The Call from Central and really doesn’t fit the narrative, so it’s paired here with pictures of the first massive computer, Eniac.

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