Why Do We Bother?

Those areas of human endeavor where art is created have become very crowded with the ability of anyone to post things to the internet. You only have to look at Amazon Kindle books or visit Soundcloud to see how much is done every single day. Needless to say, there are times where writers, music producers, artists, etc wonder why they are bothering to do what they do.

There are dark times when we sit and think that we’ll never succeed, we’ll never do anything good, we’re not getting better at it, etc. One content creator has done an excellent exposition on those feelings, how to address them and more. The video is called ‘The Darker Side of Making Music’ but it does address everyone who does creative work. Cameron of Venus Theory calls it a rant, but it soberly discusses all the self-doubt that creators run into. And he has a great voice.


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