Synopses for Books 1 & 2 in one place!

Synopsis — Raven:  The Call From Central

Raven heard the call from Central when she discovered the Tournament and her icons of team Iskandar at four years old. Then and there she made the decision to train her way onto her favorite team. Despite her home planet, Necris, banning women from competing in the now over 200 years old Tournament, Raven was not dissuaded from her calling. Her driving passion saw her train hard solo in order to give herself the best chance possible of achieving placement on her favorite Top Tier team at Central: Iskandar Prime.
Her dream propels her to the long light-years journey through the Alliance of Planet to Central, arriving broke with no real alternatives. Raven is the first Necris in Central, her bone-white skin and tall stature sets her apart from the crowd as she approaches the AA minor league team of Iskandar: Bestmartin. Her dream is to perform with the heroes of Iskandar Prime, Grabby the oldest and most decorated player in the Tournament; Soria, Captain and only elf in the Tournament, and this is the first step in the journey.
Iskandar Prime is searching for their tenth and final member. Can she leverage her skill in an immediate and unexpected trial? Can she enter this world of replicated warfare, where the line between simulation and reality blurs, and perform in an arena of professional competition?
Disturbed by apparent failure, she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight by a trial with Prime itself. On the field surrounded by her Iskandar Prime heroes, she realizes that she could be the tenth and perfect team member. “Let me stay here,” she wishes. However, is this an opinion that is shared by the most successful organization in the Top Tier? Will she be given a permanent place in her dream team – or a one-way ticket home?

Synopsis — Raven:  Mirabelle

Raven: Mirabelle takes up where the first book, Raven: The Call from Central, ends. Iskandar Prime has won the Tournament Championship by sweeping through their opponents without one close match. After a week of banquets and celebrations, the team is sent on a goodwill tour by the Tournament Committee. The tour is to encompass the ‘Inner Circle’ of planetary colonies around Earth and is to include Earth itself. The first stop on the tour is the second-oldest colony, Mirabelle which is also the birth planet of Chaoschick and the search for her family intensifies. The team is greeted right at landing by an enthusiastic fan base that includes Raven’s Raiders. The team terrorizes the opposition, the local and regional teams, but also encounters the Royal Family, irate hairdressers, malfunctioning translators, fans chanting about fruit and ocean-going predators. Who is the guy in the red parka? Why are there purple bears all over the island of Elba? Why do all of the statues of Napoleon hold salad bowls? Why is Skylla suddenly talking different? What are the secrets Chaoschick is keeping about her family? Why are the team arming themselves with real machine guns and plasma lances? And why is Raven’s mother all cranked up? The planet of Mirabelle will never be the same as the team brings their own brand of behavior to one of the oldest cultures in the Alliance.


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