Excerpt from Raven: The Call From Central

Note:   This excerpt concerns a match during the Conference Championship round and is from the point-of-view of Raven’s parents.

These days the Tournament room was never very quiet, but the sudden uproar caused Dennis to look up from making another sandwich.  He glanced up and saw that both teams outside the ‘brane.  Iskandar was clustered around Raven.  “What’s going on?” He asked a Raider.

“Not sure,” he replied.  “The final greeting was weird and they blanked the audio.  Now Raven looks like she wants to kill somebody.”

The audio was still off.  Dennis had assumed that the noise in the room was the reason he couldn’t hear it.  Sure enough, Raven looked angrier that he’d ever seen her.  Denise was always a sweet kid, what could have done this to her?

The audio came back on at Soria’s last instructions and they heard the traditional ‘Iskandar!’ as the team dived through the ‘brane.

“They’ve got two mids on Raven!” A Raider exclaimed.

Dennis noted that Soria’s last instruction was for Lara to mid her also.  Trying to keep her out of trouble?

Two seconds into the match and Raven scored First Blood.  Then the next four frags were all Raven’s.  His daughter was out after Victorious Secret with a vengeance.  Chaoschick and Lara were having a hard time keeping up.

“Hey, lady,” commed Chaoschick.  “Slow down and leave some frags for the team!”

The Raiders laughed, and witnessed Raven fragging another three opponents in succession.

“There are too many Secrets on this map,” growled Raven, fragging another.

Raven got fragged and Lara and Chaoschick were dashing around trying to find where she re-spawned.

She spawned in the central area and ran to the far side and around to where a lot of spawning happens.  There were four opponents there, she dove in, nailed three and then got fragged.  Her two mids were now rushing to a different spawn point.

“Crap, I didn’t want to work this hard,” quipped Chaoschick.

There were answering laughs over the comm.

The score was 35-11 and some of the Raiders were talking about it being over.  Raven was leading the scoring.

“Guess you don’t need me this match,” quipped Grabby.

The Tri-V swooped up to the top of the ramp and showed Raven clearing three opponents off with her mids trailing behind.

“No dirty laundry!” yelled one of the Secrets.  “What were you thinking, Suhi!?!”

Iskandar topped 100 frags with Raven having 35 and Grabby 27.  Victorious Secret was totally disorganized and trying to figure out what to do.

“Jeez!” commed Gothgirl.  “This is the first time I’ve ever just watched a match with me in it!”

The Secret comm was full of pleas to gather together and avoid Raven.

“Can you get kicked off the team for killing a teammate during the break?” commed Loan.

Neither team was on double, so only the audience heard both sides of the story.

Raven slowed down a bit, and now her mids could cover her back.

“Crap, about time I get some frags,” commed Chaoschick.

Dennis noted that Victorious Secret was totally muddled with a lot of them hitting their own teammates in the back.

Secret tried to gather at the elevator area only to find Raven and her mids coming down the upper ramp.  They spread out to create a wide area of fire, but Raven dived off the platform and picked off three, while Lara and Chaoschick got the other three.

It was 223 to 85, and Raven had 51 already.  The other team began to avoid her.

“Stay away from Raven,” commed the Secret captain.  “We need to slow her down.”

“Why bother?  We’re fucked already!” Another Secret commed.

As a result of the Secret strategy, Grabby began to get a lot of frags.  He was seeing a lot more targets and when you are running from someone, there are more frags from behind.  Soria and Skylla began to pile up the frags.

Raven was now at 65 frags and increasing.

“Lyn, Yelena, Liu,” commed Suhi.  “You’re on Raven.  Keep her down!”

The Tri-V began focusing on this as a mini-war began.  Raven was getting three to four frags to every death.  Lara and Chaoschick were taking hits, but getting more on their opponents.  Yelena was probably the most accurate on the Secret team, and Chaoschick and Lara began to focus on her to protect their forward.

Halfway through the match, it was pretty much over barring a complete collapse.  The score was 337 – 174.  Raven seemed to be tiring, or at least the rage diminishing, and the triple-teaming was taking its toll.  This did nothing for the score however, as the rest of Iskandar began taking out the rest of Secret.

Grabby seemed determined to make Secret realize that their plan wouldn’t work by fragging everything in sight.  Gothgirl and Zinaida did what Iskandar does best, thinking on the run.  They double-teamed Yelena, freeing up the mids.

The Raiders and the Tournament crowd began chanting ‘Ring the Bell’.  Iskandar barely missed it by the final of 694-311.

“Only one more!  Only one more!”  The Raiders began chanting, adding to the noise level and chaos in the Tournament Room.

The individuals were posted on the Tri-V.  The analysts were discussing what got into Raven who beat Grabby for high score by 161 to 139.

“Generally the audio gets blanked out,” said one analyst.  “When something very personal or insulting happens.  Whatever it was did not turn out for the best for Victorious Secret.”

“We know that the Committee will not release any information regarding why the audio was blanked out.  Our reporters on the field will attempt to find out from the players and coaches.”

“Iskandar never reveals anything, they are as bad as the Committee and in this case, I doubt that Victorious Secret will reveal anything to their embarrassment.”

The commercials came on, and everybody decided it was time to hit the food table.



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