Excerpt – Work in Progress – Raven: The Triballi Incident

Here is a chapter from the work in progress–Raven: The Triballi Incident.  This is in raw form and unedited so forgive the spelling and grammar. 😉

They appeared on the field together. The crowd was large and ugly. Raven noticed that there were forcefields around the stadium as a fan tried to throw something at them and it bounced back at them. There were numerous fights in the stands and the fans chanted all sorts of obscenities.
“Look at this place!” gasped Gothgirl. “Makes the zones look like Disneyland.”
“I think we’re being massively hated,” said Soria.
“They’ll hate us even more once the match starts,” quipped Grabby. The team laughed.
Security was apparently suited in red as there were numerous ones in the stands trying to break up altercations.
“Iskandar sucks, Iskandar sucks, Iskandar sucks,” chanted a large portion of the crowd. That was the mildest of the verbiage that was being hurled at them.
“I wouldn’t want to go home either,” quipped Raven to Dahija.
“Team, don’t worry about the crowd,” said Francona over the comm. “They can’t reach you through the fields. Control here is local with Committee assistance. I don’t expect any cheating.”
“Awfully foul mouths for people so concerned about diversity,” said Lara, as the team began warming up.
“Or people calling robots tin cans,” squeaked Angel.
“That’s the big problem with trying to control everybody’s words,” said Grabby. “It doesn’t change things just creates a rage that is plowed underground to fester. Then it breaks out like this.”
The team did know how to focus, so they went through their sprints and stretches, ignoring the crowd. There was a huge cheer when the All-stars appeared. They strutted around, whipping up the crowd.
“If I had my way, we’d play this slate, then leave this fricking planet,” said Chaoschick.
“Once we get out of New New York, things are better,” said Dahija. “They are much more respectful in the other cities.”
“Well New York was always like this in the past,” muttered Grabby. “Next the All-stars will be calling themselves the Yankees.”
Raven had no idea what he was talking about. Then again, Grabby did have a long history on Earth. Soria always seemed to know what he was talking about.
The team just milled around waiting for the introductions. There was no team enclosure, so they were unsure how this was actually going to work. Meanwhile, the crowd continued to boo them interspersed with catcalls and obscenities.
On the other side of the field, the All-stars were pumping up the crowd and even leading obscene cheers.
“Crap, this is your hometown,” said Chaoschick to Dahija.
“The local big city,” the redhead replied. “I lived in New Greenwich about 30 km from NNYC. We seldom went into the city.”
“I wouldn’t have either,” said Lara.
There was a magical –type sound and there appeared on the field two podium just outside the ‘brane. Each had ten positions. Raven noted that the All-stars podium was larger.
“Well, the freaking All-stars have larger constructs,” groused Chaoschick. Raven hadn’t realized that. As she looked closer across the field, she did notice that each of the All-stars were over 2 meters tall.
“Just makes them bigger targets,” laughed Gothgirl.
“Y’know, we are getting some cheers, but they are very faint,” said Skylla, looking around.
“Yeah, then somebody comes over and beats on them,” groused Gothgirl.
“I just want to get out there and blow these sons-of-bitches away,” growled Zinaida. Raven had never seen her so angry, but she could understand it. She knew what kind of crap they would be facing going out to mid-field greeting.
“Welcome to the first match between Iskandar Prime and the Chamerica All-stars!” began the announcer. The crowd roared interspersed with boos and catcalls. Raven couldn’t count the number of times they were called losers.
“For the visitors, the Alliance Champions for 2243, Iskandar Prime…” said the announcer with the last half of what he said drowned out by boos and catcalls.
“At center, human from AC3, Dahija!”
The crowd roared nastily as the redhead ran out to the podium. On top of all the obscenities were also cries of ‘Traitor’. Dah-girl had it right, thought, thought Raven. She smiled and waved to the booing crowd.
As the introductions continued, Raven noticed that Dahija had gotten the loudest boos, although Skylla had yelled suggestions of calamari dinner and Angel had to endure calls about chicken dinners. The crowd seemed to particularly hate the team members from Earth.
“I’m gonna love shutting these bastards up,” growled Gothgirl.
“I’m with you,” agreed Chaoschick.
A large roaring cheer went out from the crowd as the All-stars were introduced. The sound was deafening. There was no doubt who this ugly crowd was supporting.
“It’s amazing how the media can lead these people around by the nose,” said Grabby, leaning close to Raven. “All those guys across the way had to do was talk trash and the supportive crowd we saw yesterday disappeared.”
“I’m fucking ready to start fragging that fucking crowd,” growled Gothgirl. There was no need to crank up the team this match. And I’m not even gonna feel sorry how we going to kick their asses, thought Raven.
They had even chosen their handles specifically for this match: ExcelBoss, InvincibleMan, Emperor_Frag, SuperHero, FragMaster, DominantOne, AlphaMale, CentralKiller, MassMurder and PrimeFragger. They were all male, at least in construct.
Their constructs were all over 2 meters tall and bulging with armor. Even their faces were hidden by iron masks.
Raven headed out to mid-field with Soria and Grabby. Their counterparts, towering over them, stood with their arms crossed.
“They aren’t going to shake our hands,” said Grabby. “There’s going to be no dignity in this greeting.”
“Keep our cool. Act professional,” said Soria.
Nobody said anything as they lined up opposite each other. In a futile gesture, they offered their hands.
“I’m not shaking the hands of any loser,” laughed one of the giants.
Raven noticed that Grabby bit back a response. Soria looked at the two of them. “Let’s get out of here and see if these babies can do anything other than cry,” she said.
That did it. A torrent of foul language and obscene taunts followed them as they calmly walked back to their side of the field.
“So mom lost her cool, huh,” quipped Grabby. Soria gave him a malicious smile.


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