Size Matters

You’ve probably noticed that in the Raven of Iskandar series that I exclusively use metric units (centimeter, meter, kilometer). For someone who was raised with the English system of units (inch, foot, mile), it’s not difficult to do the translation, but difficult to remember to do the translation. Sometimes, while editing, I’ll find numerous references to feet and inches that I have to change.

In the fourth book of the series, Raven: Necris, which right now is well over 50,000 words and counting, Raven makes a reference to how much shorter Chaoschick is.

So here’s a rundown, in English units, of the height of the members of the team.

The tallest on the team is Gothgirl (you thought that it was Grabby?). She is roughly 6′ 2″ tall. I envision her as muscular, as someone who had worked doing mining, but not unfeminine. She’s the strongest member of the team.

Grabby is next in height, being about 1/2 to 1″ over 6 feet. Raven is 6 foot tall. She’s slight (compared to Gothgirl) but strong. You wouldn’t want her grabbing any part of your anatomy in anger.

Chaoschick is two inches shorter than Raven at 5′ 10″ tall.

Skylla is another story entirely. Since she is part squid, her dimensions are semi-fluid. In fact, when they were attempting to record her statistics, Skylla would change her size slightly between measurements, pretty much driving the technicians bonkers. We’ll call her about 5’8″ because she usually looks taller than Dahija. If you read the story ‘Foosball’ you’ll have read that Dahija was of ‘moderate height’. When compared to who we’ve mentioned already, 5′ 7″ is a moderate height.

Lara Croft is also 5′ 7″ and, no, I’m not going to give any further dimensions. Suffice it to say that she fits her namesake fairly well.

Soria, the team captain is 5′ 3″ to the top of her head, 5′ 4″ if you count the ears. You know why that is.

Zinaida is 5′ 1″ and her Xeres hairstyle does look ugly to most of the Alliance. She’s a little sensitive about her shortness which is why she’s a fan of huge heels.

Finally there’s Calamity Angel. In order to really fly, nature made Pertescians small and hollow-boned. The latter is the reason that the team tries to protect her when things get wild off the field. She’s 3′ 11″ (well, she may have given herself another inch or two) and does weigh only 54 lbs.

So that’s the rundown and should give you some visual on how the team members relate to each other.


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