A Christmas Story!

As if I didn’t have enough writing to do, I plan to complete a Christmas short story involving the Raven of Iskandar Universe.

The working title of the story is Christmas 2226 and will involve Raven (Denise Angwin) when she was 8 years old. Those of you who’ve read the series might recognize that Raven’s 8th year was an important one for her. That’s about as much as I’m going to say.

If you want the story for free, pdf format, send an email to ravenofiskandar@gmail.com. Yes, I will be collecting emails but they will not go anywhere else. Nor am I going to spam you. Benefits will include getting a free copy of any short story I happen to write (even if it’s not Christmas), advance notice of when I have a free kindle book giveaway (I’m probably due for one) and probably even some spoilers as I’m writing the next book. I’ll put ‘Spoilers’ in the title in case you want to avoid them. Of course, you can always contact me at that email anytime.

The story is almost finished in first draft and I expect to have it ready for the email list in early December. After that, the story will be released on kindle only on Amazon.


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