Christmas Eve 2226

The Christmas story is finished in first draft. It ran a bit longer than I thought, it tops out at over 5300 words but I think it turned out well. A lot of tradition in it, at least Necris tradition.

We’re going through the editing process now. In fact, Yvonne has finished her first pass and there’s very little red on it.

Working with Yvonne Marrs has some interesting effects. One thing we don’t agree on is capitalization. That seems to be another difference between British and American. For example, in the US we would write “The captain called the dean at the university.” The British version would be “The Captain called the Dean at the University.” In my view that’s a little too capital crazy. Although I’ll have to admit that I’d really like to see something in between…maybe Australia or Canada???

As I mentioned before, if you want a pdf copy of the short story, send an email to

Otherwise, the story will go up on Amazon, probably for 99 cents and be only available for kindle.

Of course, I could probably do the conversion myself and offer it to you as an epub or mobi. Something to think about.


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