The Pneumonia Vaccine

If there has been more of a time interval between my posts over the last two weeks, it is because I said ‘yes’ to the Pneumonia Vaccine.

Once you reach 65 (I think they may have lowered the age recently), your doctor will suggest you have the pneumonia vaccine. In my case, it was administered right in the office. Before you just casually say ‘yes’, think about the week ahead and whether you can afford to be run-down and have flu-like symptoms. That may not happen, but there is a pretty good possibility of a reaction to the vaccine.

For my part, it began 24 hours after I had the vaccine. Just about 100% of the patients that receive the vaccine will have arm swelling and pain in the upper arm where the shot was applied. That occurred to me right after the shot and taking a pain-killer (Tylenol or Ibuprofen) did manage that. Almost exactly 24 hours later, I began to get chills. The next morning I felt foggy and had whole body muscle aches. That lead to low energy and congestion.

In total, I lost a day and a half of work, but only because I had the shot on a Thursday and lost Saturday and Sunday to the symptoms. In total, it was was 9 days until I felt reasonably decent and then the running nose and congestion lasted another 4 or 5 days.

It did also cause me to miss a scheduled trip for my employer. That was probably the first time in my career that that has happened.

Now I’m NOT saying to not get the vaccine. In fact, do get the vaccine, but time it so that your most important activities are not delayed by a week or two, just in case.

This is just to let you know what can happen so that you won’t be unpleasantly surprised like I was. So, go ahead and get the vaccine, but just plan the timing wisely!


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