68 Years

I never thought I would be this age.  You just don’t consider it when you are younger.  So many things take up your time and thought processes that years pass without you realizing that the time has passed.

At this point, I have now lived 10 years longer than my father, who passed away at 58 from pancreatic cancer.  My father only survived his father by four years.  My grandfather lived to 84 or 86 or 88 depending on which agency you consult for his age.

At 68, I’m now two years past retirement and still working with no definite end date. I’ve held some sort of job for 51 years and now up for a promotion at the current company.  I now have four published books with the fifth to be released sometime in April, with at least three more books in the process of being written.  I have released 81 music tracks on Soundcloud with probably another 20 or 30 in some state of progress.  I’ve been selling on eBay for over ten years now.

And, no, none of this should matter to anyone but me, just taking inventory so to speak!

I’m too busy.  I think I’ll stick around for a while.  The Bible says (Genesis 6:3) that men will live 120 years.  I think I’ll claim that.

Finally, thanks for all the Birthday wishes.  It’s motivating to see everyone who has responded.

Thank you.


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