Raven of Iskandar Trivia and Book 5 Status

A couple more bits of trivia:

In the last chapter of Raven: The Call from Central, Raven opens up her Necris Bible and reads Psalm 103, although her favorite is Psalm 92. It might be pretty obvious that Psalm 92 is the author’s favorite Psalm.

Along with that, while her teammates remark that you never get between Raven and shrimp, that’s also my favorite seafood. My wife makes amazing stuffed shrimp.

In Raven: The Call from Central, you first meet the team manager of Iskandar Prime, Francona Epstein. The origin of that name should be very familiar to New Englanders. It’s a composite of Terry Francona and Theo Epstein, the Manager and General Manager that led the Boston Red Sox to a World Series Championship in 2004 after a drought of 84 years.

Book 5!

The writing for Book 5 has been proceeding and since I’ve already had inquiries as to when it is coming out, here’s the status.

The two possible titles for Book 5 are either Raven: The New Season (Do I seem like I like colons too much?) or Vysse: Bestmartin. The main event of the book was already written probably 2 years ago and both Raven and Vysse are in the center of it.

When I write the first draft, it is always separate files for each chapter and the second draft consists of putting all the chapters into one file and then making them all fit together. The first draft is not done, but I have the first draft of 42 chapters, which looks to be about a third of the final book length. I don’t expect Book 5 to be as long as Raven: The Triballi Incident, but the characters may have other ideas.


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