Update on Book 5 of Raven of Iskandar

The writing on Book 5 has just topped 64,000 words. Not sure what the final word count will be but probably over 100,000 again. Not satisfied with a title yet. It was originally meant to be called Vysse: Bestmartin, but I found that I’m writing more about Iskandar Prime than Vysse. Vysse does play a prominent part in the book and for those of you into trivia, Myra is back in a big way. Which is an interesting turnabout for a waitress!

And for more trivia, if you remember way back to Raven’s second match with Prime and the four fans that showed up in white face? Well, you’ll finally meet the four of them.

One of the things I finding is that I’m writing a lot of recap of incidents that happened in the previous books in the series. The characters keep bringing up these incidents and joking about them, but I don’t want the reader to be lost in that dialogue because even I don’t remember all the stuff the characters have been through. Any writer will tell you that characters can get quite unruly at times and here they are insistent in talking about the stuff they experienced in the earlier stories.

One of my favorite writers goes by the name of Howard of Warwick. I think all of his books are kindle, no paperbacks. He writes, and let me see if I get this correct, Medieval Mystery Comedy. It revolves around a monk, who is totally socially clueless, who has a knack for solving murders, but hates doing it. He has two constant companions and not to ruin any of the stories, the one book I found hilarious was ‘The Garderobe of Death’. To give you an idea of the humor, a ‘Garderobe’ was a type of bathroom.

The reason I mention this is that he has the same situation with his characters always referring to previous stories (there are like 15 or more novels) but he adds references to the books the incidents occurred in by using footnotes.

Is using footnotes a good idea? Not sure myself. It would seem strange. As a reader, most of the time I ignore footnotes.

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Book 5 – Coming Soon!

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