‘A New Season’ is off to the Editor

Book 5 of Raven of Iskandar is now off to the editor. Well, actually, it’s already come back with lots of red (Yvonne actually uses blue). Ugh.

Book 5 will be named Raven: A New Season. I’m thinking of dropping the ‘Raven:’ part. Originally the plan was to have different book named for different characters and that’s not happening right now.

The one thing I’ve ignored so far is the cover. Not sure what I’m going to do there. I have been doing them myself but it might be time to hire a professional.

Finally, here’s another teaser from Book 5. Those of you who’ve read book 4 will remember the characters, who to this point have remained anonymous.


Lunchtime was not his preferred hour to be at Rushanak’s.  His preferred lunch was at more…let’s say ‘comprehensive’ food establishments where the meals were larger and more perfectly executed. 

He was again waiting for the younger man.

He had received a message for an urgent meeting.  That was all he knew.  He did not have to wait long, as the younger man approached with a decisive and indeed angry pace.

His companion refused to order lunch and his demeanor exuded anger as they waited for the service attendant to leave.

“Are you going to let me do this or are you going to keep interfering?” said the younger man.  “What you pulled yesterday was incredibly stupid.  Let me know now because if you continue, I’m out.”

If the older man was taken aback by this outburst, he did not allow it to show.  As he was in control, not the hired help, he took his time replying.

“It was a diversion and it has been taken as a malfunction,” he replied.  “We haven’t had one for a while.”

He knew his blasé manner would irritate the younger man.  It was time he realized who the boss was.

“The general public may think that but Iskandar knows better,” the younger man said with venom.

This was a shock to the system.  What right did he have saying these things out loud!  He stopped his reaction before it started.

“You are not supposed to say certain words here,” he said with a touch of venom.  “It can compromise the objective.”

“Any more than you did, you bumbling fool?  I doubt it,” the younger man shot back.

The older man was not used to this type of insubordination. 

“You are not going to tell me how to do my job,” he retaliated.

“And you are not going to tell me how to do mine,” the younger man responded.  “So get the hell out of my way or I’m out of here.”

People in the adjacent tables were beginning to notice the vehement conversation.  The older man was stuck between his pride and his exposure.  His pride was demanding that this hireling respect him while the niggling thought to the back of his head was caution.

“This is not the place for this discussion,” he said pompously.

“Ha, there is no discussion.  I’m out of here!” yelled the younger man, who emphasized his point by smashing his glass on the patio stones.  He was now gone and the older man suddenly realized he was left with the embarrassment.

Calming down, he decided that the whole situation was a childish display.  That was something he would deal with right away.


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