The New Season Has Arrived!

The Tournament is entering a new season and the assassination attempt on Grabby has caused the Committee to call all the players back early.  Tournament Champions Iskandar Prime, with their star forward, Raven, vow to prove to the Tournament that last year was not a fluke.  However, the conspiracy against Iskandar continues even in the first match.  Down at double-A Bestmartin, Vysse is beginning her career but will be embroiled in the next attack by the conspiracy, right at Bestmartin itself.  Meanwhile, the investigation of the assassination attempt takes a weird turn and Raven ends up in court.  There are new teams and new problems to unravel as the season gets off to a roaring start.  Things are getting complicated!

I’ve just uploaded the Kindle version of Book 5 of the Raven of Iskandar saga – The New Season. It’s currently in review but you can anticipate it will be available on Amazon on Monday, February 15th.

The paperback is now in the works. I’ll let you know when it is uploaded. It’s mainly a change in formatting and it takes a bit of work to make everything look like the Kindle version. It’ll be a 6×9 trade paperback like the previous books in the series.

The writing for Book 6, currently unnamed, is already in process. I’m anticipating releasing Book 6 around November.

The website for the series,, will probably be moving hosting services sometime before August. The address will be the same, but I plan to make more use of the site by providing downloads and special members areas.

For the moment, if you sign up at the bottom of the page to follow the blog, you’ll become a member. So far there are two short stories in process for members only. Until the move, you’ll get the stories as pdf by email.

After the move, we’ll be talking merchandise and even free merch along with the free short stories.

In case you are wondering about the cover of Book 5, it’s a picture of Central City in the afternoon with both suns setting, the main sun, Tlarron, is off to the right which is giving you the long shadows. The smaller sun, Minimus, is shown floating in the purple sky behind the clouds.


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