‘The New Season’ is now available in Hardcover

Book 5 of Raven of Iskandar, ‘The New Season’ is now available in hardcover.

As you can tell, this is a shiny, laminate cover (textbook style to me). Here is shown one of the proof copies that just came in.

In the coming weeks I will making the rest of the series available in hardcover but first I have to finish my re-edit and expansion of Book 1, ‘Raven: The Call from Central’.

One added piece of information, if you’ve manage to read this far. Book 6 is in process. The working title right now is ‘All-Star’. As a teaser, one character from Book 3 is returning plus two characters that have only appeared in Book 4.

Book 6 is now sitting at 15,000+ words with maybe another 5000 words in random chapters still to be added. I’d expect to top out over 100k words again (since I don’t know when to stop 😉 ) and the plan currently is to get the book out this year.

You can find ‘The New Season’ and its hardcover here:


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