All-Star Update & “How Long Are We…”

Book 6 of the Raven of Iskandar series, “All-Star” is now over 50,000 words. I’d say, from where the story is going, that I’m still short of halfway.

As mentioned in book 5, the team is now experiencing the new match type called ‘Onslaught’. And the team is not happy. The third and final sub for Iskandar Prime is revealed and it’s a marginal surprise. The Iskandar Secundus team gets reformed and then reformed again with a surprise captain.

Raven’s Raiders is expanding at a fast rate and gains new employees. The Tournament Committee releases the format for the All-Star Matches and voting begins.

The Tournament Committee finally decides to do something about the irregularities in Iskandar matches and the conspiracy gets a ‘bloody nose’.

Finally, back when I was a kid, we drove everywhere for vacation and I always heard my father say the statement below, but the cartoon puts a great twist on it.


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