Termination at the Halt

It has been my privilege to help with the editing on Yvonne Marrs’ new murder mystery, ‘Termination at the Halt’.  For those of us not into railroads, a ‘Halt’ is a stop on a train line that is just a platform.  Trains only stop on demand as Halts are not part of the regular schedule.

The ‘Halt’ that is the location of the story is in Nast Hyde, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK. 

Nast Hyde Halt was one of those abandoned stations as the branch line between Hartfield and St. Albans was decommissioned in the 1950’s.  Mike Izzard restored the Halt to its former glory and is the main character in the novel.  Wrapped up in the murder mystery is the actual chronicle of Mike’s restoration of the Halt.

‘Termination at the Halt’ is due to be released on Amazon on March 1st and 50% of each sale will be going toward a charity, Breast Cancer UK.  Mike had so much funding help in his restoration of the Halt that he wanted to do something for charity.


Being some 5000 miles away from the Halt, I won’t be there.

‘Termination at the Halt’ will also be available for Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon. 


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