A bit of Trivia on the Short Stories Book

‘The Day the Elves Stole My Wife and Other Stories is on Amazon now.  One of the interests for Raven of Iskandar fans is the three short stories associated with the series.  The trivia has to do with the short story ‘Angel’ which is NOT about Calamity Angel or about Iskandar (The story ‘Foosball’ isContinue reading “A bit of Trivia on the Short Stories Book”

Excerpt from Raven: The Call from Central – Confexia

This is an excerpt from Raven:  The Call from Central and is from Raven’s first match with Iskandar Prime on Confexia. She back-tracked into the spawning room, took the side exit and up the stairs.  There she found some armor and more weaponry….and a super health pack.  The next opening was on the same levelContinue reading “Excerpt from Raven: The Call from Central – Confexia”

Excerpt – Work in Progress – Raven: The Triballi Incident

Here is a chapter from the work in progress–Raven: The Triballi Incident.  This is in raw form and unedited so forgive the spelling and grammar. 😉 They appeared on the field together. The crowd was large and ugly. Raven noticed that there were forcefields around the stadium as a fan tried to throw something atContinue reading “Excerpt – Work in Progress – Raven: The Triballi Incident”

Raven visits Bestmartin – Excerpt from Book 5!

We’re getting way ahead of ourselves here, but this is an excerpt from Book 5  (title unchosen so far).  At the start of the new season, Raven returns to the ‘scene of the crime’, Bestmartin for 3 days of teaching and encouragement.  Lots of foreboding here. After so many months at Central, the landing portContinue reading “Raven visits Bestmartin – Excerpt from Book 5!”