Raven visits Bestmartin – Excerpt from Book 5!

We’re getting way ahead of ourselves here, but this is an excerpt from Book 5  (title unchosen so far).  At the start of the new season, Raven returns to the ‘scene of the crime’, Bestmartin for 3 days of teaching and encouragement.  Lots of foreboding here. After so many months at Central, the landing portContinue reading “Raven visits Bestmartin – Excerpt from Book 5!”

Excerpt from Raven: The Call From Central

Note:   This excerpt concerns a match during the Conference Championship round and is from the point-of-view of Raven’s parents. These days the Tournament room was never very quiet, but the sudden uproar caused Dennis to look up from making another sandwich.  He glanced up and saw that both teams outside the ‘brane.  Iskandar was clusteredContinue reading “Excerpt from Raven: The Call From Central”

Excerpt from Raven: The Call From Central (Chapter 2)

The lobby was filled with Iskandar images and trophies. She was only two steps inside before a human female waved her over to the front desk. “Hi, over here,” she smiled.  “Welcome to Iskandar Bestmartin.” Her greeter seemed to be a standard humaniform.  Short blonde hair, some makeup and a ready smile.  “Nice to meetContinue reading “Excerpt from Raven: The Call From Central (Chapter 2)”