The Emerald Coast

I was on the road for my day job this past week and spent four days on the Florida panhandle in the area, which I just found out, is called the Emerald Coast. We went down by the beach one evening and got a good view of why it was called that. The water at the end of very white sand, is an emerald green until it gets deep at which point it faded into a dark blue. My phone’s battery decided to give out after the long day, so I couldn’t get a picture!

You can get a little of the idea from this picture of me that one of my travel companions took, but the green in the background does not give justice to the actual emerald green.

As you notice, we got there about sunset. It had to be the whitest and finest beach sand I’d ever seen.

This does go along with the writing for book 4 of Raven of Iskandar. A minor spoiler but Necris will be getting emerald green seas.


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