Trivia from Raven: Mirabelle

Sometimes when you make the expedient choice, it turns out pretty good. For example, in Doctor Who, the psychic paper was created because they wanted to advance the action quicker. In the old series, the Doctor was particularly persuasive but this resulted in a long section of dialogue that was frequently boring.

My example: In Raven: Mirabelle, the team visits a local museum where Chaoschick gets incensed that the spaceship that delivered the original colonists is not on display. In the scene, the brunette-with-big-mouth starts yelling at the director in Galact and suddenly Bellan begins to come out of her mouth without her even noticing. This added a bit of strangeness to the scene and added to the mystery of Chaoschick’s origins.

However, it hadn’t been planned that way. When writing the dialogue, I ran out of ideas of what she could say in her rant. So I had her revert to her childhood language.

If you look back in older posts, you’ll find the whole chapter posted.


The writing for Raven: Necris is proceeding and here are a few hints as to what will happen.

  1. You find out Grabby’s real name.
  2. You find out the origin of Grabby’s handle.
  3. Raven takes a surprise guest home with her to Necris.
  4. The plot thread of Vysse at Bestmartin begins.
  5. The series arc is revealed.

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