Book 4 of Raven of Iskandar

It’s not ready for release yet, but I’ve just completed the 2nd draft.

Neil Gaiman once said that the purpose of the second draft was to make it look like you knew what you were doing in the first place. I can sympathize with that. Characters begin to write their own story such that you sometimes feel like all you are doing is recording their actions.

Then, of course, you begin to realize that the actions are either not properly connected nor properly explained. Now, I think I’ve accomplished that.

The title of Book 4 will be Raven: Necris and will involve the title character returning home for a one month break before the next season. The book will also update you on another significant Necris in the Iskandar organization, Vysse. Just one warning, the end of this book will be fairly emotional.

One oddity in this book is that while it will have the standard Preface about the 102 year old Raven, there will be an Epilogue concerning her also. I leave you hanging in the preface (“She opened the letter.”) and I thought that was a pretty lousy way to keep you hanging, so that scene is continued in the Epilogue.

Due to Yvonne’s and my schedule, Book 4 will be released in April. Possibly March.


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