It’s Nearly Here – Raven: Necris Status

The fourth book of the Raven of Iskandar series, Raven:  Necris is on the final edit.  I’m going to opt for listing it on Amazon for pre-release. 

I’ve gotten an old friend from a previous job, Jonathan Sears to write the Foreword.

I had not originally intended for the series arc to explode during this book, but that is what happened.


  • More about Raven’s family
  • One character only mentioned in the previous books, appears
  • The return of a minor character from Book 1
  • Grabby’s and Soria’s backstory is revealed
  • A tourist’s view of the planet Necris
  • And, a character will die by the end of the book.

Note that although every book has had a preface dealing with Raven in her 100th plus years of life, this book will also have an epilogue. The preface of this book ends with ‘She opened the letter.’ and I didn’t want to have everyone wait until the next book to find out what was in the letter.

So when you read that, hang on! You’ll find out at the end of the book.


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