Raven: Necris to arrive April 10th!

The fourth book of the Raven of Iskandar Series, Raven: Necris, is now on pre-order at Amazon here:

While those who’ve been reading the series will see the typical hi-jinks, something much darker happens at the end.

Unlike Book 3, this one is much shorter but you’ll realize why when you see how it ends.

Here’s the synopsis:

Raven can handle any opponent in deathmatch but can she handle…vacation?

The Tournament Champions, Iskandar Prime, have returned to their home planet, Central, to the applause of nearly the whole planet.  Everyone wants to congratulate the ‘Heroes of Triballi’.  However, after all the ceremonies are over, it’s time for the break between seasons and the Iskandar Prime building empties out with players and staff scattering to the various planets of the Alliance.  Raven heads home to Necris and while Chaoschick, her mid-fielder and best friend heads off to her new-found family, she invites another team member who will definitely cause gossip. 

They arrive to find Raven’s childhood home morphed into a multi-million-dollar business.  Has everything Raven known as a child been removed in so short a time?  Just as Raven is melding her past and present, her teammate drags her off on a whirlwind tour of Necris with jungle temples, deserts and cetaceans swimming among ice floes.  Then, when a local ‘superstar’ challenges them to Bombing Run, they quickly train a team and devastate the competition.

Then everything changes….the two experience a nearly tragic event whose ramifications extend across the Alliance of Planets and threaten the new season.  But…but…who is behind it?

Finally (if you’ve read this far there is a reward!), on April 10-11-12 I will be running a give-away on the previous books in the series so that you can catch up.

I remember at one point I had said that there would be at least 5 books in the series. Correction, let’s make that at least 6.


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